Welcome to Asylum

Nica is running from her past. Naj can’t remember his. The two may be closer than they think. Asylum is home to many stories and many secrets, welcoming all who seek shelter among its dancers. After years in a magical sleep, Naj awakes in Asylum’s rafters knowing only two things: he is a serpent shapeshifter, and he is in hiding.

Powerful demon magic swirls about this place, teasing out memories best forgotten. Can Naj protect Nica and his new family from this looming threat—and how much of that threat does he pose himself?

Asylum is an urban fantasy web serial about a shapeshifters and demons, and things in between. Set in a modern day alt-verse, Asylum takes places in a nightclub of the same name, following the lives of the dancers that live and work there. Themes do run a little dark, with a generous sprinkling of adult language and content, so sensitive readers be advised.

Ready to dive right in? Click here to read the main updates from the beginning. Background information and other fun stuff can be found in the Appendix, and various other nonsense that may or may not be of the written persuasion under Miscellany. And, for further (potentially spoilerific) reading, various older excerpts and outtakes can be found at the author blog, Raevenly Writes. If you’re looking to pester the author, Tumblr is the current distracting-thing-that-is-not-writing (Seriously. Come bug me. Remind me I should be writing.).

ETA Aug 2020: As some of you may have noticed, I have not been working on Asylum proper in a long, long time. The archives will remain up, and progress on newer wips will be added to this site, and if I ever get back to Asylum, you all will be the first to know!

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