New Readers

Currently, this website exists as more or less an archive. I don’t plan to post any more progression of Asylum’s plot, as I’m currently working on a tighter, trimmed down version to be a full length novel other wips. I’m most active on Tumblr if you want to keep up to date with what I’m doing.

Asylum updates on Saturdays is completed, for now,  but what about all that fun stuff in between? If you want to read the story, just the story, and nothing but the story, start at the prologue and use the navigation links at the immediate bottom of the text. If you want to wander through story and updates as they come, the previous/next buttons that are built into the website are the way to go. The bonus materials is usually related to the content of the main entries, for a richer read, but the story reads just fine without them.

Eaten through the updates and hungry for more? Try the Outtakes or Shorts, or see what’s up for bid on the Adoption List.

If you passed them over during your reading of the story, all the supplemental can be found The Appendix. Read entries on things like deities and cultural references, translations of foreign phrases used throughout, and other world building tidbits that we thought might prove useful.