Much of what we’ve written for Asylum has no clear, definitely place in the progression of the story. Some of it is of dubious canon, some has no place in this continuity, and some is just plain silly. I like to think of the Outtakes as sort of a gag reel, where the “actors” may or may not be in character, but it’s fun to read anyways. Shorts are those vignettes that never blossomed into full stories, and aren’t strictly necessary to include in the proper “book”, but offer some insight into the world anyways. The Adoption List, much like Asylum’s own adoption list, are inspired by patron requests, and adhere to canon inasmuch as the request allows them to. When in doubt, it’s best to assume that none of these things ever actually happened, unless referenced in the proper books themselves. And finally, The Appendix┬áis full of useless knowledge that is probably canon but subject to change as the world reveals itself. All house-specific foreign languages, random treatises on deities and cultures, world-building tidbits written for our own understanding, and so on, are found here.