Introducing: The Adoption List

When I first set up the website for Asylum, I had big ideas in mind for the future. I wasn’t ready for all of them just yet (and a lot is still in the works), but I wanted to get the ball rolling on a favorite of mine, The Adoption List.

What is the Adoption List?

The dancers of Asylum love a challenge, and enjoy tackling suggestions from their patrons. Dev, being the entrepreneur that she is, has capitalized on this, and thus Adoption List was born. For a nominal fee, patrons can request any dancer, any song, anything else their little hearts may desire. How much of that is taken seriously is up to the dancers’ whims. (Think endless requests for Gwen to do Eye of the Tiger. Yeah, like she’s never heard that one before.)

Enter the authors of Asylum. We, too, are performance artists, and we too have our own Adoption List. Scenes we skipped, hypothetical situations, character interviews, go wild! As with the dancers, we may or may not adopt your ideas. Suggestions are free, and if we find one we like, we’ll put it up on the list, with a donation meter. Once the meter is filled, the scene goes up for all to enjoy.

That’s right. The Adoption List menu item now actually leads somewhere, to a feature we hope you’ll all enjoy. No promises every suggestion will spark a scene (characters being the big prima donnas that they are– I’m looking at you, Seth), but every suggestion will be considered. Once we produce a piece, we’ll judge its price based on length, difficulty to produce, and so on. Some of these may be canon, some may be utter silliness, we’ll see where this goes. Interaction with the readership is the biggest reason I took the weblit route with Asylum, so I’m really looking forward to this project taking off.

If you have any questions, drop a comment, or if you have any suggestions for the Adoption List, head on over and make your requests!