pri’mn Dictionary

An alphabetical listing of pri’mn words found in the supplemental posts. For more details, read through the original post indicated.

a’/e’/ei’/o’/ÿ – forms of address, self/formal/highly formal/informal/divine (various locations)

a’Parn’o- literal: I give to you, informal poetically: Thank you. (dictionary part 1)

a’ztkm – I am unraveled, I am without rhythm. Basically, “I’m a dumbass”

Aehr- Air, divine element

ahn’sha- literal:soul sister, poetically: “Your spirit moves through mine.” (dictionary part 1)

Anhk – Spirit, divine element

ARE – all that is, was, will be, etc. The source of all things.


aret – literal: to dance magic, poetically: “I AM/DO/MAKE/ACT” (Goddess Blessing)

aria – literal: to sing magic, poetically: “I expand to know myself” (Goddess Blessing)

ceres – literal: cycles, poetically: endless variations, from seasons, to time, to grain, to bread– serpents are ridiculous (call and response)

avrer- to see also: ahve- visions

charin- seed or bead

Daeos– Literal: Gods Conjugated variously with their element forms Daea, Dao, Daei, Da, or D’ (Eight Daeos)


eija – conjugation of eij, prefix used to indicate mastery. References leaders and others of high rank. (Video: pri’mn, eija and eijye)

eijye – diminuative of eija, used to reference seconds-in-command, princes, etc. (Video: pri’mn, eija and eijye)

ERA – all that is not, cannot be, will never be. The Impossible. Dreams. The Void. Nothingness.


Etren – literal: Eternity, poetically: something immutable, immovable, permanent. Used in oaths, much like Fate (call and response)

Ik– Ice, divine element

Il- Dark, divine element


il’li – literal: dark/light  poetically: balanced opposites, maybe even soul mates?

Il’soum – literal: dark source poetically: Fountain of Peace/Rest. Counterpart to li’sumae, the dance stage. (Three Pillars)

Khna- Earth, divine element

Ki-Fire, divine element


ki’n- literal:fire drum, poetically: passion, divine spark of inspiration (dictionary part 1)

kishkan’ramn- literal: dance of fire moving through flesh, poetically: lovers’ dances, seductive dances (dictionary part 1)

Ksm – literal: to weave, poetically: divine personification of the forces that control our lives

Ki’soume/KilmKi’soume means “fire source/center” kilm, a household oven. Largely similar (Three Pillars)

leh’Den- literal: The Mothers poetically: name claimed by the hyena shifters, like Pack for the wolves

Li- Light, divine element

Li’Daea– literal: Light Deity, poetically “Our lady of light” Primary goddess of serpent culture (Goddess Blessing)

li’sumae – literal: light source poetically: The dancers’ stage (Three Pillars)

pri’mn – literal: first/before, beats/lyrics, poetically: the first song (Video: pri’mn, eija and eijye)

prim’narix- literal: first knowing Song/dance used to teach young children (Ch 4: 1)

pri’ramn– beginners dances

Rei- literal: the way of the masters poetically: Order, stories, history–another tricky word like ceres (Three Pillars)

Rhea- Water, divine element

ramn– literal: GO/beats/lyrics, poetically: the way of music, dance (Video: pri’mn, eija and eijye)

soum/sumae/suma/etc. – center

yvena: your beauty resonates with me (both literal and the poetic) (dictionary part 1)

zt-s’aehr-xaehr: neither with the wind, nor against it (ch 8 part 1)

If you notice any words I’ve left out, be sure to let me know and I’ll update the listing.