The pri’mn narix (Naj’s song)

Last update, Naj sang a song from his childhood, the pri’mn narix. Like our ABCs, the pri’mn narix, or “first song of knowing”, is one of the first songs young dancers learn. It teaches the foundation of religion and dance, each primal deity listed being associated with its own basic dance step. If I ever get really brave, I’ll make a video of the song and dance, but for now, I can at least do translations.

ARE primel aros, neret il’li

“ARE before everything, next, the il’li”

The ARE is, was, and will always be, before all else. There was no change, no Being, no Time, until the ARE split its soul into the il’li, the divine opposing pairs of creation.

Li’Il, Ki’Ik, Aehr’Rhea, Anhk, Khna

“Light and Dark, Fire and Ice, Wind and Water, Spirit and Earth”

It is important to note that these are NOT the gods, Li’Daea and the rest. These are simply elemental forces, greater than the gods, pieces of the ARE.

neret tel Daeos, esseren il’li o il’li

“Next came the gods, who are balanced forces of balanced forces”

As the il’li danced with themselves, they came to know themselves, came to share that knowing, making life and the world as we know it, but always in pairs, in perfect balance.

neret ehna etren primel a

“Next, the timeless elders, honored always before ourselves”

And then came The People, our elders, our eternal ancestors that came before, and made us who we are. Further verses go on to discuss Cheres, ancestor of cycles, ovens, and grain; Cretia, ancestor of love, union, and the heart; Rei, ancestor of tradition, stories, and order; Aria, ancestor of song and magic; Ramn, ancestor of dance and drum; Meht, ancestor of mercy and medicine; and so on. My notes on those are scattered through dozens of notebooks and years, stretching back to high school, but I’m sure with time, Seth will tell us each and every one of their stories.


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