Character Bios: Kain

Kain is finally done! He has easily proven the most difficult, both to sketch and to fill out the questionnaire on, for reasons that will make sense much later in the story.

As always, you can find this on the character bios page. If you have any more questions about Kain, or suggestions on who I should draw next, drop them in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Character Bios: Kain

  1. Oh my…Kain! Check you out!

    And food: Peanut goat? Um, what’s that? And I have to wonder if Kain’s age is really ‘unknown’ or if you just like to torture your fans, which both of you are good at doing! :-p

    Out of curiosity, we know Kain’s fave Disney movie, but what about other movies? Does he like action type movies Like Indiana Jones, thrillers like Disturbia or mafia type movies like The Godfather?

    He’s quite an enigma. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for the goodies!


    • Peanut goat is a kind of stew. I really honestly don’t know how old Kain, though I am aware of characters who are older than he is. Kain tolerates movies, he much prefers radio dramas, and it said they went out of fashion. …and now I’m wondering what’s going to come after movies…


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