Character Bio: Seth

Good news, Seth fans! Its finally his turn for a bio. …You may or may not notice certain similarities to a center other bio, which may or may not be completely intentional. …Seth may or not be my favorite fan trolling vehicle. 😛

As always, you can find them under Miscellany, but I’ll also be sure to post them all as they go up.

Who should I do next? What sort of info would you like to see? (Also, Kain is still under construction. He’s being a butt, surprise surprise.)


2 thoughts on “Character Bio: Seth

  1. SETH! *falls over, dies*
    (I love Squid too! I had to place an extra order at a restaurant recently because I loved it so much!) I love old courtly dances too…hee….

    *clears throat* Anyway! I’d also love to see a quick sketch of Travis or Marie. I’d love if you could do Marie in a dancing pose but a profile picture of her face would be nice too.

    Don’t mind me as I stare at this a little longer…


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