Aside: OMG! A video!

So, I’ve been working on those videos I mentioned at the beginning of the month. I have literally ONE I’m happy with, and the content it goes with doesn’t go up til next month. :/

Buuuuut, in all the takes I’m not happy with, I at least got over the “OMG I’M GARBAGE AT VIDEOS” and decided to just make a garbage video. Yup. This video is pure nonsense. I am literally just babbling at you. But every one of these I pull the trigger on and actually upload makes me feel a little bit better about doing videos, so consider it a drop in the bucket.

FYI, the videos I’m working on nailing down are a reading of Li’Daea’s blessing, and the dancers’ call and response. I do fine on the little words, but once I start trying to string them together into a sentence, my tongue literally trips on itself and Seth starts laughing at me and I have to walk away and do something else before I try to strangle a fictional character. Or worse, retcon in a death scene. (That’s right, you scaly, smug bastard- I am still not above killing you off!) So anyways, have a silly video, keep pestering me about the  better videos until I finally cave and post them, and have a happy Spring.

Thanks for reading!



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