Introducing: Character Bios

Hey, check it out! I’ve been playing with my tablet (yes, I just NOW realized I could draw on it, shut up), and present to you: Character Bios! You can find them under Miscellany, but I’ll also be sure to post them all as they go up.

Who should I do next? What sort of info would you like to see?


4 thoughts on “Introducing: Character Bios

  1. Naj! You are hot! (And I love Disney movies, too! I’m listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack while I am writing this! And Vanilla is the BEST! Much superior to chocolate in my opinion!)

    (Just as a matter of idle curiosity, do you know where Naj was born? I’ve always been curious. I probably wouldn’t even recognize it, but I do wonder sometimes. 🙂 ) Thanks!


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