Shorts: Maleo comes to Asylum

NaNo prompts inspired this little short about Maleo’s first introduction to Asylum. Hopefully, more scenes like it are coming. Stay tuned. 🙂

Maleo couldn’t say what it was exactly about her that drew his attention. The fiery red curls, flying in the stage light, the perfect, creamy skin peeking out here and there with every shimmy– No, it was the innocence, the pure joyous laughter in her eyes as she danced. This angel had no idea she was beautiful, didn’t know what each twist of her hip and shake of her shoulders did to him. Doubtless did to every other hot-blooded male in the place. And a few of the females, if the ebony princess dancing beside her was any indication.She was pretty enough in her own right, and if Mal was reading their signs right, he could well imagine himself in the middle of their fire and coals embrace. But even as the thought riled him, it sickened him. Such a gentle girl, touched by such deviance…

Mal’s feathers ruffled as a shudder passed through him, and he smoothed a hand over his hair quickly. Must keep it cool, this wasn’t the place for feathers. He’d gotten lazy in his habits, living at the compound. Mal had a sudden flash of hot red fur and amber eyes–his sweet tender angel was undoubtedly a fox. A sly and wild fox, just waiting for someone to show her the way into the woods–and who in this den of sin wouldn’t just love to be the one. Maybe it was even too late…
The curtain dropped, leaving Mal blinking into the darkness.Safely unseen, he raised and resettled his feathers, blowing out a tense breath to resettle his soul. He hadn’t understood before, when this “Asylum” was all just talk, just why Xavier wanted to protect them. But if this Nica was anything like her students…
He would stay. Mal got up between one act and the next, ignoring the two clowns distracting the audience before the still lowered curtain. He went straight to the bar, nodding to the behemoth of a man tending it. He was so dark, only the whites of his eyes and his teeth seemed to show in the dimness. Maleo didn’t flinch, just asked to speak to the owner of the club, on behalf of Master Xavier, head of the Riverside Nest.
Kain raised an eyebrow, but it too was lost in the darkness. He called for Dev, against his better judgement. This bird was trouble, but at least he would be a known trouble. Better that than wondering what “master” was up to.

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