Video: The Eight Daeos

Every culture has its creation myth, and the shapeshifters of Asylum are no exception. Though each group has their own additions and interpretations, the fundamentals are the same.

Video:Before beginnings, before time, there was nothing, and everything. There was the ARE. All things in perfect balance and perfect harmony. All was quiet.
Within the ARE, there was Light, and Heat, and Song and Dance. There was Darkness, and Cold, and Silence and Rest. They were one, and they were still.
The ARE reached inside itself, scattering its children that they might move upon the face of creation. Indeed, that they might be creation.
The first to understand themselves was Li’Il, the primal forces of Light and Dark. Their circling dance spun out Fire and Ice, Wind and Water, Spirit and Substance.
These eight pairs, the first il’li, are the Daeos, and they are the foundation of our world.

Li’Daea. Il’Dao. Ki’Daei, Ic’Da, l’Aehrae, Il’Rhea, and the D’AnhkKhna, upon which we dance.

In Asylum, you’ll hear mostly about Li’Daea and Il’Dao. Traditionally, serpents hail Li’Daea as their patron goddess, attributing her as the source of their magic, their love of dance, and their ability to sense emotions. Il’Dao, while not exactly a devil figure, is feared, because his stillness is at odds with Li’Daea’s explosive nature.


4 thoughts on “Video: The Eight Daeos

  1. Beautiful video! I love the symbols that represent these words. Their writing, I guess? Thank you also for going slow with the pronunciation of these words. So many authors go too fast and I’m like, “Slow down! I’m trying to understand what you are saying. We don’t know how to say these words yet!”
    I love how Earth, Air, Fire and Water come into the video. Well done! Just what I needed to start out my day. 🙂


    • Yup. I know -some- of the characters for the language, but not all. When I first started developing it, I thought it might have an alphabet, like ours, but it’s more pictoral.

      Long story short, it’s so far removed from my family lingual ground that I don’t know how much I’ll ever get done. 😛


      • Hey, you are developing your own language though, which is very impressive. With MY characters, that come from such different places and talk in other languages, I usually say that they ‘talked in their own strange/beautiful/musical sounding language’ or make sh*t up. 🙂
        …Do you know how to write Seth’s name in his language? 🙂 (You knew I had to ask this.)


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