Happy 3rd Birthday Asylum!

Three years ago, my girlfriend sent me an email.

I had my choice of following an archer in a tree, lying in wait for an ambush, or a demoness nightclub owner. Those first scenes were a struggle, but also came in a mad rush. I hadn’t written in years, and the words seemed desperate to pour out of me.

Editing those words was …fun.

No really. I actually did sort of get a kick out of editing, headache that it was. Making sense out of the mess was like magic, getting to know the world I’d been thrust into, bit by leisurely bit rather than being hit with bus all at once, was like coming home. Hours unnumbered have been spent talking, dreaming, and just letting Asylum percolate, and I’m thrilled to see it taking shape into something shareable.

In a few short months, that baby is gonna be unleashed on the world. I’m excited and terrified, anxious and eagerly awaiting it and dreading it.

Happy Birthday, Asylum. I can’t wait to see where you’ll be next year. 🙂